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How to work with Crystal Healing Jewellery?

What is a Crystal Healing Jewellery or Talisman?

All crystals and minerals have a specific vibration as everything else in the Universe. They were created in the Heart of the Earth, caring the energy of the Beginnings.

Depending on the Crystals’ geometrical structure, colour and frequency they may act as amplifiers, radiators, anchors, recorders, filters, transformers and transmitters of the Energy.

Along human history, crystals were used for healing. There were different ways of using their healing vibrations: Talisman or Crystal Healing Jewellery, Elixir, Layout, Powder, Grids… The Ancient knowledge survived through the tumultuous time, being passed from generation to generation until today. Today, they are the oldest vibrational templates that we can use for healing, and indeed, the most stable physical form on this planet.

Crystal Healing Jewellery
Labradorite, Garnet, Sunstone, Lapis Lazuli, Hematite

A Crystal Healing Talisman is a personally crafted Jewellery with an Intention using natural minerals. The Intention corresponds to your personal goal or desire to find a solution to your problem. It is a Self-Healing Tool.

I create these Crystal Healing Tools using only natural stones and sterling silver or gold filled wire. This type of wire is the best to allow the energy to flow and to connect all the elements together. I am using the term Talisman interchangeably with Crystal Healing Jewellery or Crystal Healing Talisman.

Herkimer Diamond Crystals, Sterling Silver wire
Herkimer Diamond Crystals, Sterling Silver Wire

A Talisman/Crystal Healing Jewellery:

  • It is not a lucky mineral
  • Its power stands in its ability to help in achieving the desired goal
  • It holds the vibration of the Intention's energy
  • It is both a focus and an amplifier:
  • As a focus it helps you to control your feelings and to to remind you the Intention for which the Talisman was created.
  • Also, is focusing your thoughts to lead you to take the needed actions
  • It focuses your actions creating new habits which are changing the old patterns of your mind. Through these new habits you can accomplish your desire or need.

When a new energy frequency field is introduced in your aura, as when you work with a Crystal Talisman, you are more likely to pay attention to what you need or want. When you do so, you connect with the Talisman’s energy to get support in your journey of fulfilling your Intention.

Crystal Healing Jewellery
Ametrine, Amethyst Elestial, Gold Filled Wire

The Crystal Jewellery - Benefits:

  • helps you to remember what your intention is and what you really want.
  • holds the vibration of the Intention’s energy.
  • acts as Intention's amplifier.
  • supports you to reach what you want to heal, solve or change.
All the elements of the Talisman form an orchestra that resonates with the Intention placed in it when it was created.

How to work with a Healing Talisman?

You have to take responsibility for the intention you choose. In this way you empower it to help you fulfill it. Meditation can help.

If you do not work with the Crystal Healing Jewellery, nothing will happen. It will be only a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Herkimer Diamonds Crystals and Sterling Silver Mandala

For the Crystal Healing Jewellery to work you have to:

  • wear it until the desire is fulfilled.
  • repeat in your mind the Intention, as often as you can, like you already have what you desire.
  • think to the chosen Intention and, simultaneously, feel inside, in your heart, that it is already fulfilled. (How would I feel if I already solved.... or healed....) Do this a few times every day. In this way you contribute, you create your own Happiness, Well-being, Prosperity, Health...
  • the keywords or small sentences which define the state you want to reach, can be rolled into your mind, using the present time. (eg: Calm, peacefulness, serene; I am calm, I am in control....)
  • in the night place it on bed table, beside you, or under the pillow. In this way, the talisman’s energy field is around you for a longer period of time.
  • If you do not work with the Crystal Healing Jewellery, nothing will happen. It will be only a beautiful piece of jewellery.
  • Your results depend on how and if you work with the Crystal Jewellery.
Clear Crystal and Prehnite Cluster, raw Sunstone

How do you clear and charge the Crystal Healing Jewellery?

Cleansing and Charging the Crystal Healing Jewellery are very important steps for maintaining the Talisman active and without any interference of other energy. Crystals may absorb energy from surroundings which may alter the Talisman's energy. You may feel that you need to wash it or see its surface is being cloudy, sticky.

Methods of cleansing and charging the Crystal Healing Jewellery:

  • Smudging with white sage, incense stick. Keep the Talisman in the smoke asking to be cleared of all the negative energy only its Intention to be preserved. After you see the negativity disappearing in the smoke of the incense, fill the Talisman with the sun light.
  • Placing it in the morning sun for 1 - 2 hours or in the Full Moon overnight.
  • Hold the Talisman under cold water visualizing that all the accumulated negative energy is going down the drain. (Do not use water with Calcite, Selenite... all porous minerals.)
  • Feel that the Sun is surrounding and fills the Talisman with love and light. Repeat the Intention of the Talisman to reactivate it in the Healing Jewellery.
  • You may place your talisman on Selenite or Kyanite to clear its energy and, after, you can use a clear quartz or amethyst cluster to charge it. Your thought will activate the process. Think and see the energy being cleared and how the Talisman is charged by the cluster. Ask for these to happen.

More Information

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The description and use of the minerals is based on Gianina's experience and knowledge. However, Gianina and Gianina Crystal Talismans cannot be held responsible for how the products and services are used or for what results can be expected, as this is determined by each individual’s work. None of the services offered are intended to replace the advice and treatments of a medical professional. Since each mineral is unique, there cannot be created identical Crystal Healing Talismans or Healing Painting-Grids. Each mineral has its unique qualities.