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How to work with Crystal Healing Painting Grids?

How to work with Crystal Healing Painting Grids?

Working with a Crystal Painting Grid is similar to working with a Crystal Healing Jewellery. Both methods are helping us to materialize our needs to heal ourselves and our life.

I believe in myself.

What is a Crystal Painting Grid?

A Crystal Painting Grid is blending the energy of the grid’s crystals with the energy of the colours, focusing on an Intention. The Intention corresponds to your personal goal or the desire to find a solution to your problem.

When you work with a Crystal Painting Grid, a new energy frequency is introduced in your aura. Connecting with the Crystal Grid and working with your Intention and Affirmation, you connect with the Grid’s energy to get support in your journey of fulfilling your Intention.

The Crystal Painting Grid, with its energy, helps you to remember what your intention is, and what you really want. It holds the vibration of the Intention’s energy and acts as its amplifier. It supports you to reach what you want to heal, solve or change.

All the elements of this kind of grid form an orchestra that resonates with the Intention placed in it when it was created.

You have to take responsibility for the intention you choose. In this way you empower it to help you fulfill it. Meditation can help.

Crystal Painting Grid
Grids Collage

If you do not work with the Crystal Painting-Grid nothing will happen. It will be only a beautiful piece of art.

For the Grids to work, you have to:

Consciously look at the Grid and repeat in your mind the Intention, as often as you can, like you already have what you desire.

When you think to the chosen Intention, simultaneously, feel inside, in your heart, that it is already fulfilled. Think to how would you feel if you will already solved or healed what you want.

Tune-in with the crystals and colours.

You can place it on the desk, beside you. In this way the Grid’s energy field is around you for a longer period. Also, if the office is not the place where you spend your time, you can place it where you can see it often.

In this way, you contribute, you create your own Happiness, Well-being, Prosperity, Health...

Your results depend on how and if you work with the Crystal Painting Grid.

Only working together with the Grid you will succeed.

Crystal Painting Grids
I am energized and grounded.

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The description and use of the minerals is based on Gianina's experience and knowledge. However, Gianina and Gianina Crystal Talismans cannot be held responsible for how the products and services are used or for what results can be expected, as this is determined by each individual’s work. None of the services offered are intended to replace the advice and treatments of a medical professional. Since each mineral is unique, there cannot be created identical Crystal Healing Talismans or Healing Painting-Grids. Each mineral has its unique qualities.