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Personalized Talismans

If you cannot find a talisman specific for your needs, just send me an e-mail with what you want to fulfill or heal, and I will create a Healing Talisman customized just for you.

It may take a little while to procure the specific crystals you may need, in the case that I do not have them. I will inform you about the cost and the necessary time to complete the talisman.. If I do not have the needed mineral, it may take between 2 - 3 weeks to procure it. 

So... plan ahead!

A deposit of 50% of the final price of each custom piece is required prior to beginning the work. Deposits are non-refundable and the remaining 50% is due upon completion of the order.

All sales of custom orders are final.

If you have questions or you wish to order a Personalized Talisman, please, contact me at:


The description and use of the minerals is based on Gianina's experience and knowledge. However, Gianina and Gianina Crystal Talismans cannot be held responsible for how the products and services are used or for what results can be expected, as this is determined by each individual’s work. None of the services offered are intended to replace the advice and treatments of a medical professional. Since each mineral is unique, there cannot be created identical Crystal Healing Talismans or Healing Painting-Grids. Each mineral has its unique aspect and qualities.