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Chakra System

The Sanskrit word Chakra means wheel or disc. We can say that Chakras are unseen organs, swirling wheels of energy, where matter and consciousness are meeting. They are the place in the body where the energy is absorbed or released; organs of our Energy field. Each breath brings fresh energy into our body providing energetic nourishment to us. Chakras' function is to contain and distribute information in our body.

Along the Spine, we have the Major Chakras which start from its base going to the top of the head. They are connected with all the levels of our body: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  

Our health and having a good life depends on the state of our energy flow through the Chakras. Alignment, balance, good function of our Chakras is essential for having and maintaining our well being. 

Each Chakra is associated with certain organs, glands and life issues. If something happens and the energy's flow is obstructed, then, our Chakras may slow down their activity or even stop functioning. They will have too much or too little energy and the body will not absorb it.  Any blockage of the energy flow, in time, will affect the organs connected to the blocked Chakra.   

If we solve the problem and eliminate the blockage, the energy will resume its flow and everything will be restored to its balance. The organs will return to their proper functioning.
If the blockage created by our thoughts, emotions or actions is not eliminated, our health and well-being will be affected.
The blockages can be eliminated through working to clear, balance and stimulate our Chakras, also learning how to develop your awareness, Do not forget that Stress and Fear can block our Chakras. 80% of the illnesses are generated by accumulation of Stress. 

 Major Chakras can be grouped in:
                    Chakras of Matter (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) 
                    The Bridge Chakra (Heart Chakra)  
                     Chakras of Spirit
 (Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown)  


Healthy Chakras - Healthy Life

7 Major Chakras

 Chakras of Matter

 1. ROOT CHAKRA - Muladhara (support or foundation)

Key Words: Survival, Stability, Security, Basic Needs, Prosperity, Primal Connection with Earth.

Correspondences: Physical Location - Base of the spine
                                 Bija - LAM
                                 Element - Earth
                                 Verb Association - To be
                                 Color Association - Red
                                 Governs - Spinal column, skeletal system, legs, feet, rectum
                                 Gland - Adrenals
                                 Life Lesson - To feel safe, secure and connected with reality, to manifest our basic needs, to be nourished, to experience belonging to the whole.. 

When the Root Chakra is Balanced we are:      Healthy
                                                                            Well grounded

When the Root Chakra is Unbalanced we:     are without energy
                                                                         have an unfocused mind 
                                                                         are disorganized, undisciplined
                                                                         have financial difficulties
                                                                         are fearful, insecure and anxious
                                                                         are depressive, restless
                                                                         have difficulty in materializing things
                                                                          are hoarding and greedy

Physical manifestation of the Imbalance: Blood circulation problems,
                                                                   Varicose Veins
                                                                   Lower back pain
                                                                   Dry skin and hair
                                                                   Problems with legs, feet, hips or rectum
                                                                   Arthritis, osteoporosis - bone problems
2. SACRAL CHAKRA - Svadhisthana (sweetness, sacred vessel, dwelling place of the self)

Key Words: Emotions,  Emotional connection, Creativity, Sexuality, Pleasure

Correspondences: Physical Location - Above the pubic bone and  approximately two inches below the navel, into the pelvis
                                 Bija - VAM
                                 Element - Water
                                 Verb Association - To Feel
                                 Color Association - Orange 
                                 Governs - Reproductive system, kidney, bladder, uterus and ovaries in woman, testes in men, lumbar zone.
                                 Gland - Ovaries in women, testes in men
                                 Issues and challenges -  not taking responsibility for our emotion, feelings of guilt, not open to receive pleasure, poor boundaries.

                                   Life Lesson - To bond and connect our emotions with others without losing our identity and to freely express creativity. 

When the Sacral Chakra is Balanced we are:     Creative
                                                                              Graceful. Friendly   
                                                                              Willing to change
                                                                              Able to nurture ourselves and                                                                                   others
                                                                               Passionate for life
                                                                               Materializing our desires
When the Sacral Chakra is Unbalanced we: gave poor social skills
                                                                        are denying pleasure 


- Located below sternum and over the stomach.
- Positive use of personal power.
- It is the center of the Power of Will.



- Location: middle of the chest.
- Love, generosity, compassion, nurturing, accepting, flexible, kindness.
- It is the bridge between the lower Chakras and the upper ones.
- The Heart Chakra unites the heart, intellect and the spirit. Also, it is connected with the ability to self-love, love or receive love.  



Located: Throat (internal and external)
Element: Ether - in which everything is contained.



Located:Between the eyebrows.
Element: The Cosmos.
- The capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts. It contains the way you see the world. 
- It is connected with focusing our intelligence, knowing how to extract the wisdom from life's lessons and also to choose the best for us in every aspect of our life.


- Located at the top of the head.
- Element: The Cosmos.
- Connects the whole personality with life and the spiritual aspects of the world. 
- Enlightenment
- Transcendence
-Spiritual understanding
- Higher values
- Spiritual connections