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Root Chakra Talisman


Materials: Smokey Quartz, Argentium Sterling Silver (93.5 Silver)

Affirmations for a healthy Root Chakra:
- I am safety.
- I am healthy and prosperous.
- I am grounded, stable and secure.
- I feel present in the here and now.
- I am connected to my physical body. 
- I can materialize my desires.
- I let go of worries.

Choose one of the affirmation and work with it , Roll the words into your mind, holding or visualizing the talisman and its energy. The Talisman will amplify and support what you want to fulfill. 

Smokey Quartz:

Smokey quartz is a very powerful crystal which can help us to stay rooted in reality, letting go of negative thinking or emotions such as worry, fear, anger, frustration. It connects us with Mother Earth grounding us and the negative energy. In this way we are capable to fulfill our wishes.
Smokey quartz creates a protective barrier of clearing energy that offers us the possibility to be grounded and stable, in control of ourselves. 







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