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Express Your Deep Feelings


MATERIALS: Malachite, Antique Brass Wire.

DESCRIPTION: This beautiful, handmade Talisman was created with Antique Brass Wire, which was artistically woven in unique patterns. I created Express your deep feelings Talisman using Malachite which is a versatile and deep healing stone.

Malachite is a perfect stone for Heart Chakra and for healing our emotional wounds. It draws out deep hidden feelings, which affect our health or well-being. Pulling out these feelings, Malachite helps us to heal and to free ourselves of the hidden wounds through this deep healing.

It goes to the heart of the problem and increases our ability of observation and understanding.

Helping the inside exploration encourages expressing our feelings and getting rid of inhibitions. Malachite gives us the courage to be capable to express ourselves.     

DIMENSION: 6.8 x 4 cm

Included Chain: 60 cm (23.8 ")

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