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3rd Eye or Crown Chakra Talisman


Materials: Argentium Sterling Silver (93.5% silver), Faceted Amethyst.

Affirmations for the Brow (Third Eye) Chakra:

I am Intuitive and wise.
I am creative and inspired.
My psychic abilities are developing.
I am opened to new ideas.
I am free of negative thoughts or attitudes.
My mind is working very well and I am thinking for myself.
My mind is clear and understanding.
I access my spiritual guidance.
I can visualize
I am focused.
I want to know myself.
My intellectual capacity is enhancing. 

Choose one of the affirmation and work with it, Roll the words into your mind, holding it with your left hand or visualizing the talisman and its energy around and through you. The Talisman will amplify and support what you want to fulfill.


It is a powerful and protective mineral with a high spiritual vibration. Good stone for self-discovery, change. It is very beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating, depending of the situation. Helps to be emotional balanced and, in this way, the mind is clear. Enhances intuition and visualization.    



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