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Ways to Release Stress and to gain Relaxation II

I found the best teachers for explaining to us some ways to Relax and to Release Stress

Ari, Gianina's cat and 'master of Relaxation and Stress Release'

ARI: I am the master of Relaxation and Stress Release.

Vogue, Gianina's dog, 'older and knows better' (about relaxation and releasing stress)

VOGUE: I am older. I know better...

Ari and Vogue, Gianina's cat and dog, relaxing. 'Masters of relaxation and stress release.'

ARI: Pay attention! This is how you Release Stress – you play even if the toy does not want it.

Ari and Vogue, Gianina's pets, 'Masters of relaxation'

VOGUE: This is how you are getting stressed... Some think that is a game when they hurt you.

Vogue, Gianina's dog, resting, relaxing. 'Master or relaxation and stress release'

VOGUE: That little monster finally stopped... You all know that a good recovery means a good sleep and forget the fluffy source of your distress.

Ari, Gianina's cat, playing with a toy, 'Master of relaxation and stress release'

ARI: I tried so hard to make her play...That old Lady does not know how to live... and this blue bird does not move for me to catch it... These are all reasons for my Stress. I have to deal with it!!!

Ari and Vogue, Gianina's pets, relaxing together on the couch.

VOGUE: This was the winter of our discontent... I’ll let go all that happened between us... I’ll free myself...

ARI: I will stretch and take a nap beside my toy. Maybe she will move and I will attack her... What a wonderful way to release all the pent up energy, the Tension... Play, play, play...

Ari and Vogue, relaxing on the couch.

ARI: I understand relaxing... but there has to be a Balance in what we do... What if she is wanting to show that she is better at deeper relaxation than me??? No play... only letting the body to recover... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I have to do something...

VOGUE: (soft snoring...)

Ari, Gianina's cat, relaxing on the couch, 'Master of relaxation'.

ARI: I will wake her up... Is she sleeping because she is depressed? Hello, hello, wake up!... It is much better to talk and to solve the problems, instead of stuffing them inside yourself... Hello... Hmmmmm... Nothing... I have to do something else. If I do nothing, all this accumulated tension will affect me and I  will get sick...uffff

Ari, Gianina's cat, and crystals.

ARI: "I have to Energize and Ground myself to get rid of all my worries.
Too much negative thinking... I’ll put my paw on the Black Tourmaline. and the tail on the Smokey Quartz. In front I have an Angelite. It will calm my worries. No chance for them to go into my physical. The Quartz cluster will amplify my stones' power. 
I repeat my affirmation:

I am Grounded and I let go worries... I am strong, in the Present and my mind is calm... I am energized. I feel the energy and I remind myself of a time when I felt like that, before this moment. I recreate that feeling of being whole, stable, calm mind and heart... and with the energy flowing through my body..."

Ari, Gianina's cat. Relaxing.

ARI: I am so Relaxed and soft... without any Mental or Emotional Blockages, without Tension... I released all of them... Ooooooo... My sleeping basket is calling me... Good... Sleeping... Alone... Alone? Oh, noooooooooooooooo...

Ari and Vogue. Gianina's pets. 'Masters of relaxation'

ARI: I could not handle to be alone... It was stressful... All kind of thoughts coming in my mind... I looked inside and I saw that I did not really behave nice. biting her... I have to tell her... but she is still recovering... I go beside her and later we’ll talk...

The Talk

Ari and Vogue, Gianina's pets, having a little talk.

VOGUE: Okay... I am listening... I hear what you say. You are sorry for being aggressive.
ARI: Not aggressive ...playing...
VOGUE: ...and you discovered some new things about yourself... This is a very good thing. I accept your apology...

Ari, Gianina's cat.

ARI: Hmmmmmmmmm... Good, now can we play?

Vogue playing with a colorful toy.

VOGUE: Yes, of course. I will play with your toys to show you how you can Relax and Entertain without aggressivity...

Ari. Gianina's cat. 'Master of relaxation'

ARI: No fun!!! Those toys do not move... I like interaction, passion, conflict, to feel that I am alive... jumps, flying, circles in the air...

Vogue. Gianina's dog.

VOGUE: Sounds great!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh... But we are here to discuss about Releasing Stress, Elimination of the Tension and achieving Relaxation, not to create conflict... all that you said...

Ari and Vogue. Gianina's pets, 'Masters of relaxation and stress release,' fighting.

ARI: I stopped listening after Sounds Great!...

Vogue, Gianina's dog, exhausted on the couch.

VOGUE: Where is my pillow?... I am so exhausted...

Vogue. Relaxing. Sleeping?

...and Relaxed... Having fun works...

Ari, Gianina's cat. Relaxing.

ARI: Ahhhhh... Finally I released all the frustration... I am in the clouds...

Vogue and Ari, Gianina's pets, 'Masters of relaxation'

ARI: I let her think that she is leading, but I control the reins.


Ari and Vogue, Gianina's cats, 'Masters of relaxation and stress release'

ARI & VOGUE: We hope our lesson gave you, at least, one way to have a funny and relaxed life... All the Love from us...

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