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Let’s use the energy of the Spring!

Crystals Energy Healing


Spring is here… Even if, here where I am, we still have a little snow, the Earth re-awakens and all the nature starts to come to life… Small spots of colour are about to raise their arms to hug the Sun…

Nature tells us that is time to prepare for the beginning of the New Cycle of life on the Time’s Spiral… We have to take advantage of the essence of what this renewal brings to us.

               Nothing complicated!

For us is time for:

  • Starting new projects, new beginnings, and innovative growth

  • Planting new seeds for the future growth of our life

  • New ideas that will develop in the months to come.

  • Taking care of our health, our physical and, especially, the emotional state.

  • Detoxification (I will talk about this in another post)

  • Re-energizing (I will talk about this in another post)

Crystals for Spring:

                       My fluffy boy Ari, loves crystals and is very possessive.

    Crystals’ vibration will help and support us in the beginning of our new journey.

We can use:
Unakite – The new beginnings stone

Amazonite – Have
courage of personal expression stone

Aventurine – The healer and emotional balancer stone

Honey Calcite – Manifest right Now stone

Dissipate old patterns stone

Carnelian – Creativity and energy stone

Fluorite – Focus and clear mind stone

Black Tourmaline – Grounding Stone

Blue Jade – Find the correct path stone

Amethyst – Help with the change stone

Green Tourmaline – Balance, stability, flexibility

We have to formulate an intention, something with which we want these stones to help us.

For example:
             My mind is clear and I express my creativity;

             I started to manifest;

             I am ready to develop and manifest my ideas in reality;

              I am energized, clear minded, creative  and ready to act.

We can choose any of these stones, the ones that attract us the most or we feel that will help us the most with our Intention. After selecting the stones, we can carry them with us in a small bag, in the pocket or as a jewellery. 
I want to emphasize the need of emotional balance, because Spring, when the Pisces are are around, corresponds to the Water element, which is connected with our emotions.
If the wind blows, the water starts to create waves and as a result, our focus and our energy dissipates in all directions.
If we do not try to find or maintain our balance, we may lose the chance of taking advantage of this time, when we can make the first step in the journey of materializing our thoughts, our imagination and creativity.
In Taurus, the Earth will come with its stability or fixity, with its patience and calm…

Emotional Balance

For me, one of the easier way to regain or maintain my emotional balance is using stones like:

                        Aventurine and Sunstone

We can hold in our left hand one tumbled Aventurine and one Sunstone asking for Emotional Balance.

We can create a Grid with the intention: I am emotionally balanced!

      Green Aventurine                          Sunstone
      – General Healing                     – Joy, Confidence           – Emotional Balance                  – Personal power
      – Vitality                                       – Openness
      – Optimism                                  – Mental clarity
      – Feeling of lightness                 – Sun Energy
      – Good Luck                              – Pushing forward
      – Helps manifestation                  – Be yourself

When I hold them in my left hand (the receiving one), I feel how the “weight of the world” disappears from my shoulders, I become calm, I can find my smile and the mind’s clarity to act with confidence.

            Other choices for emotional balance

  1. Lepidolite – Balancing  

  2. Rhodochrosite – Heart Stone

  3. Rainbow Moonstone (which can work together with Sunstone in balancing masculine and feminine sides),

  4. Malachite (be aware of the deep feelings that may arise) – I am calm and overcome fears

  5. Peridot – Heals healer

These stones can be used in the same way as Aventurine and Sunstone. Choose what your intuition is telling you which is the best.
Looking to them, you can ask this question, and observe where your eyes are attracted first.
After you found the your stone(s), you may feel a calmness in your body like telling you:
                             That’s it!

                My baby tries to show you how he is selecting his crystals… 


Spring months: March. April, May

March, is the third month, April the fourth and May the fifth. I am curious to see what kind of energy is contained in the essence of the Spring:

                           3 + 4+ 5 = 12
                                1 + 2 = 3

This is the numerological modality to determined what kind of vibration Spring brings to us.

In January, our conscious mind cannot produce.
In February, the vibration of number 2, the subconscious mind, cannot reason.
In March, the vibration of 1 unites with vibration of 2. The conscious unites with subconscious to create the vibration of 3, which brings the possibility of manifesting whatever our mind and soul want to create.

Three is the vibration of the Spring and, in the same time, of March.

These are some of the characteristics of the vibration of number 3:

planting seed of the future

– new ideas

– manifestation

– self-expression as individual and in a group

– communication

– becoming involved in the pure joy of living

– creative energy, imagination that allows the ideas to become true, to manifest in reality

– nurture

– enthusiasm

– optimism

– joy of living

The danger of this vibration resides in spreading the wings in all directions and scattering our energy and abilities. In this way, there will be little sense of purpose and nothing will be manifested or finished, especially that that we have to deal with a double number 3 (Spring and March).For Focusing on what we want and need to do, we can use purple Fluorite or Amethyst.

Crystal, Renewal, Essential Oil, Numerology, Creativity, New Beginnings, Emotional Balance

                                   Brazilian Amethyst Cluster

2017 – Our Universal Year, contains the vibration of number 1

The numerological value of this year is 1
                   2 + 0 + 1+ 7 = 10 = 1

 The number 1 vibration will influence us in these directions:

  • New beginnings, new endeavours or their expansion

  • Planning for the future, seeking opportunities

  • Change

  • High power – expression of courage and assertiveness

  • We are unique, independent and special individuals 

  • Move forward embracing your authenticity
    Trust ourselves and our abilities, even if the path is not yet clear.



All this year we are influenced by the vibration of number 1, which will blend with the energy of each month.

The energetic vibration of the year will be the same until December.
Each month has a different vibration, which will create a unique blend with the energy of the year.

Depending on the numerological blend, we can use different modalities (Crystals, Essential Oils, Meditation, etc) to help us continuing our journey to develop the seeds that we planted this month – March.


 –  Identify your goal of renewal/ start new projects and use to seed new ideas/what you want to grow, develop

–  Choose the stones from the list using your intuition. Select the stones that you feel will support your intention. Keep them close to you/meditate.

–  Roll your intention in your mind with the certainty that already you have what you wanted.

–  Visualize and have the feeling that your desire is already reality

–  Take care of your health

–  Use in diffuser your selected Essential Oils.

Below are several basic spring time diffuser blends. For mixing the drops specified of the essential oils, use a dark-colored glass bottle.

At the beginning smell each oil to be sure you like and look to contraindication. Or, make the smallest possible blend to be sure you like it.

(Essential oils should not be taken internally without guidance by a qualified practitioner and do not apply undiluted essential oils.)


These are two basic Spring Essential oil blends:

Spring Blend 1 for diffuser:

Geranium Essential Oil– 5 drops

Sweet Orange Essential Oil – 11 drops

Frankincense Essential Oil – 6 drops

 Spring Blend 2 for diffuser

 Lavender Essential Oil – 15 drops

 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – 2 drops

 Lemon Grass Essential Oil – 7 drops

 Helpful Affirmations for Spring:

 Now, with ease and joy, I am creating my own future.

 I have the power to determine what is my best path to follow.

 I stay on the chosen path until I fulfill my Intention.

My mind is clear and I materialize my ideas. 

I am energized and creative.

I will continue to write about the energetic vibration of each month in combination with the energy of the year. Also, I will suggest different modalities to help ourselves in dealing with the specific energies.

If you would be interested to read more about the months to come and the crystals and other methods you can use to ease our journey, let me know in the comments.

If you have any question,or you want to know more about different modalities that may help with your problems, situations, intentions or you want to share your personal experiences /opinions, please write in the comments or send me an email to:            


Coming together in finding self-supporting and self-healing methods, using all the knowledge that was given to us, we can create well-being and a fulfilling life.

Thank you!


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