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It's Renewal Time... April 2017

First, I think is a good idea to remember where our focus has to be this Spring. Maintaining our focus on the following, we will be capable to be on a correct path in the beginning of this 9 years cycle, which starts in 2017.

The Energy of Spring is 3 which means:

  • Starting new projects, new beginnings, and innovative growth

  • Planting new seeds for the future growth of our life

  • New ideas that will develop in the months to come.

  • Taking care of our health, our physical and, especially, the emotional state.

  • Detoxification (I will talk about this in another post)

  • Re-energizing (I will talk about this in another post)


Crystal, Energy, Essential oils, Natural stones, Healing

Now, it is April’s time to be the center of attention: 

April is the 2nd month of Spring and the 4th month of the year.  
We already know our Universal Year 2017 has the vibration of number 1.

1 vibration is the start of a new 9 year cycle and it is characterized by:

  • A time of change, new beginnings –we have to plan and plant the seeds for the Future 9 years.

  • If we do not start something this year, our next chance may may not be until the next cycle which is 9 years from now.

  • We have to take advantage of the chances and opportunities that are offered and we need to expand existing endeavors.

    Energy of 2017 is 1:


    Spring, Crystal Healing, Energy, Vibration

                                                 Buds of Life

April is the 2nd month of Spring and the 4th month of the year.

4 is April’s vibration if we consider January as the first month, but if we think to the Roman calendar, March is the First month of the year and April the Second.

April as the vibration of 4 brings the need: 

  • to be organized and to have a system

  • to clean all the aspects of our life

  • to be of service to others

  • to learn to accept limitations from the environment, our physical body and our view-points.

  • We will have the energy and drive to work and accomplish all the tasks that will create the foundation of our future.

    Crystals Healing, Crystals, Natural stones, Healing

    How does the Year/Month combination work for us? 

1 and 4 is a harmonic blend between leadership, tenacity and organizational abilities. But, mixing these energies will result in a number 5 vibration. 

       1 + 4 = 5 (desire of freedom)

The Lesson of this combination is that we have to use our freedom in a constructive way, without wasting or misusing our abilities and opportunities.

The Danger of 1 – 4 combination:  

Conflict between necessity of being organized, having a system, working without being recognized (this month) and the desire for freedom, adventure and change (this year).

Acceptance is the Keyword:

Accepting our limitations, paradoxically will free us and will make us ready to take advantage of this energy.

–  to work and to build the foundation of what you started already
–  to work and to be ready to serve others in a stable, constant manner
–  to control your freedom, even if the desire to fly away is very strong.   
A fine balance has to be established, if we want to step forward, in the year, on solid bases. If we do not try to be adaptable, to accept limitations, we may lose the opportunity to create the foundation for the future.

Minerals to help us Accepting the What Is:

Amethyst is a very powerful crystal which may help us to accept the changes and to be capable to deal with them. A spiritual awakening may happen helping us to connect with our higher-self.

Amethyst, Crystal Healing, Natural stones, Chakra

The Light Blue Stones are very helpful for maintaining a calm, patient state, which allows us to fulfill the work we have to do this month without frustration or conflicting reactions. Also, these stones are connecting us with our Guardian Angels. We can ask them to help us to go through these limiting moments of our path.

Blue Lace Agate:
– Calm, Communication, Clarity, Confidence.

– Calm, Eliminates Anxiety, Cooling & Soothing Emotions; helps the people that complain that the things are not how they had to be…

– Serenity, Angels communication.

Blue Calcite:
– Helps to relax, calm and protects us from other people’s thoughts and emotional energy

Petrified Wood brings us patience, inner peace, and endurance which helps us to to do the work that needs to be done. In this way, we can handle the desire to take a break and to go to have fun. Petrified Wood has the power to calm scattered energies.
Petrified Wood helps us when we feel stuck and not knowing in what direction to go. Its’ energy balances us to be capable to develop our projects and to grow towards our goal. Petrified Wood’s energy is grounding and calms scattered energies.
Really funny is that, if in April we accept to work without complaining and accepting what we have to do, everything will be much easier, minimizing our frustrations and tension.

Crystal, Energy, Essential oils, Natural stones, Healing
                                              Petrified Wood

We have to select the stones that attract us the most. We can carry them in a pocket or wear as a jewelry. They will help us to be calm, patient and capable to analyze what is really happening. In this way, we are capable to think clearly and to accept the small limitations and the work that has to be done.

Essential Oils for Acceptance

Blend Acceptance 1:
1 drop – Geranium oil
1 drop – Blue Tansy oil
1 drop – Helichrysum oil

Blend Acceptance 2:
2 drops – Frankincense oil
1 drop – Bergamot oil
2 drops – Ylang Ylang oil 

For mixing the drops specified of the essential oils, use a dark-colored glass bottle. At the beginning smell each oil to be sure you like it and look to contraindication. Make the smallest possible blend to be sure you like it.

These oils can be used:
– in a diffuser
– mixed with a little carrier oil (Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil, Grape Seed Oil) and applied on temples, forehead and under the nose. 

(Essential oils should not be taken internally without guidance by a qualified practitioner and do not apply undiluted essential oils, if your skin is sensitive.)

If you have any questions, please, live me a note in comments or send me an email:          

Have a great April!

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