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The Journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness & Self-Healing

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I believe that Self-discovery is one of the most important things we have to learn in our life time.


Knowing ourselves gives us the self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and the strength to face any event or challenge that will appear on our path.  We will understand the causes of what is happening and we will work on accepting the reality. Also, we will be aware of the needed changes and of the lessons we chose to learn.

The most difficult lesson in life is to understand why and who you are. And even more, to Accept what you discover...

In all of us exists the capacity to heal ourselves or, at least, to improve our state of being. Our mind and soul are the first tools needed in this journey of self-discovery and self-healing. Beside them we can use the Earth's treasures - crystals and minerals. The crystals' energy will support us along the whole process of healing. But first, we have to want to look inside, beyond appearance.

Citrine From Brazil
Citrine from Brazil

Many times I thought to the human being as a puzzle of known and unknown pieces.

Did you ever ask yourself how much you know about the person you see in the mirror?

Very early, I started to be an observer of myself: actions, reactions to what was happening around me, thoughts, people, etc. Paying attention, I discovered surprising reactions, thoughts or emotions provoked by different events. Sometimes, the surprise was nice, but other times...

"Why did I do that?"...

I felt that it was not I who acted in that way. But whom? I did not recognize myself... or the part of myself who manifested in that way... This uncomfortable feeling was as a sign to wake up and to look inside to see who I really am...

Why I am doing that?
What pushes me to choose that option?...
Which is the true me between all that variables?

At the beginning, it was like looking into multiple mirrors trying to see the real me. I was trying to fit to whom I was imagining, thinking that I am. The mirrors are really tricky between illusion and reality, between desire and truth... So many facets of the same trait...

Magic Mirror

Journey of Self Discovery

Some mirrors may show you the ideal image of yourself, making you to forget that it is only the potentiality of which you have to become aware and then to develop it... essentially, for which you have to work... a lot... 

Self-knowledge is a whole process of small steps of observing, understanding and accepting. You may go from seeing nothing or only few fine lines of a sketch to, finally, have the whole image of yourself.

This is who I am, with the good and the bad. I understand and I accept my path of learning the lessons I chose for this Life.

When the questions "game" started, many paths opened taking me in different directions. Few of them were traps for lessons or tests to see if I had learned them... few temptation to satisfy my Ego... and other, few chances to become aware of a small piece of the Labyrinth of who I am...  

For the things to be "funnier", we are living in a world with imposed or self-imposed limitations, conditioning, barriers… Conscious or not, we build masks and walls from the fear of sufferance. In time, these masks and the walls may become a self-defending mechanism to protect us from anything that would hurt us. This self-defending mechanism makes us, step by step, to lose ourselves in a labyrinth of false constructions and avoided paths. We may get to the point when we totally replaced the truth with the walls. We are getting so used with wearing masks or raising walls, that our true being is hiding deeper and deeper behind them. Our true voice is not heard anymore because we are running away from what we really are, feel or think.

This is the moment when we see all around us the mirrors with our image, but we cannot identify ourselves with them. We are lost behind all that construction which we built.

It looks like we are running from our real selves in a reality which is a product of our civilization, culture, religion, and of our society’s demands, too. We learned how to fit in the box of being accepted by the majority and to be approved. In exchange we have a false feeling of belonging.

The image in the mirror is confusing… Too many separated and contradictory pieces which do not match with the initial drawing of our being. In this contradictory and confusing state we are looking after solutions to our problems, we want to find out why is this or that happening to us?

In the majority of cases we are looking for answers, for causes of the events, outside of ourselves. It is much easier to say: "It is their fault, not mine… if that it would not happen, I would never…” Our Ego is satisfied because it is keeping alive a false image of ourselves. It needs work to become aware of what and why the things happen and which is our contribution to what is taking place.

Our Ego's Creation (Cat thinks itself a lion)

Considering that is someone's else guilt, it makes us feel well about ourselves - it does not matter if it is true or not. We do not have to feel bad about ourselves and...

Our Ego is happy!

It is true, we have to adapt to all the gamut of nuances what life is offering to us. But this does not mean to lose who we are. If we are lucky, a whisper may touch our thoughts and soul, trying to remind us that we built a reality which is different from what we really are. Our Intuition will tell us:

Look inside and you will become aware of the inner treasures  which create the whole of marvel and meaning that you are...

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