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Crystals have been fashioned into jewelry for many thousands of years. Talismans are a wonderful way to reap the benefits of the healing power of crystals. The Talismans may take the for of a pendant, bracelet, ring or even earrings. Using the energy of Crystal Healing Jewelry you can be supported and helped to find the solution to your problems and to self-heal. Wearing my unique and beautiful talismans is an attractive way to carry the healing with you, all the time, and everywhere you go... You may read some feed-back about my work on Testimonials. (International shipping rates available upon request.)

Crystal Healing Jewellery

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The description and use of the minerals is based on Gianina's experience and knowledge. However, Gianina and Gianina Crystal Talismans cannot be held responsible for how the products and services are used or for what results can be expected, as this is determined by each individual’s work. None of the services offered are intended to replace the advice and treatments of a medical professional. Since each mineral is unique, there cannot be created identical Crystal Healing Talismans or Healing Painting-Grids. Each mineral has its unique qualities.